Sora To Hara

空と原 [Sora to Hara]空と原 [Sora to Hara] by Asumiko Nakamura
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why…Why…oh why I waited this long to read this manga. Well, maybe because I was not too fascinated with the art style. But then, Nakamura Asumiko sensei’s art is not the typical art you see in a Yaoi manga. The line drawing style, the not so perfect faces or the blank expressions…yeah at first glance they will not fascinate you. But as you start reading, you get immersed in the story and the characters and you feel that the drawing style suits the story perfectly.

Story– 4.5 For all those who have read the Classmates [Doukyuusei] series, this is the continuation story of the oh so cute Hara sensei and his journey to find his love.

Art-3.5 As mentioned before, the art style is way different from the usual style you have seen in the Boys Love (BL) /Yaoi mangas. But, I think you can get used to it once you start reading the story. The art blends well with the story and its characters. I’m not sure how much I can like the flowing line drawing style, but the face and expressions were clear and good. Shounen-ai’s do focus more on the dramatic aspect of the story and you can see that in their art.

Character-4 Well, for those of you who have read previous series, Hara sen has been a constant character and I always wanted to see his “happy ending”. I’m glad that we get to see a side of Hara sen that previous mangas did not portray, his “desperately and idiotically in love” side ^.^ Sorano is a refreshing change from a typical Uke, although I wanted to see many more moments of his with Hara sen, that’s why I felt his character development lacked something. Maybe pulling in other characters help in understanding Hara sen’s past relationships, but Sorano and Hara sen’s ending up together to me looked a little rushed.

Enjoyment-4 Enjoyment is definitely there, especially the conversations between Hara sen and Sorano. I love the way Hara sen gets flustered in front of Sorano whenever he tries to act like an adult, but not so convincingly ^o^

The story is a good continuation and conclusion of a wonderful series. Of course, it leaves a lot to be desired from the Yaoi part, but if you are into Drama CD’s, I highly recommend listening to it. The voice acting / seiyuu cast is awesome ♥♥♥ – Fukuyama Jun (Aoto Sorano), & Ishikawa Hideo (Hara Manabu).

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Marriage… is it a new beginning???

Ohio!!! Sigh!!! I wasn’t suppose to start this blog entry with a sigh… but somehow I just cant ignore to write about the everyday moments, the instances where I am so much over whelmed by this emotion called “love”…
In my previous blog I forgot to mention my introduction to my fellow readers and bloggers… I am Sku… well that’s what I would like to keep as my pen name for now… a female who has recently entered the bandwagon of “holy matrimony”. Everyone talked about marriage around me (its still considered to be a very hot debatable topic in my country India). If a girl isn’t married, she’s somehow considered to be “locco”. I mean I was perfectly content with my single life, going through each day as it comes, enjoying the company of good friends and had a perfectly good career. In my language that is what is called “settled in life”. But…there was something missing…an emotion that I hadn’t felt for quiet some years now…a feeling that makes everyone frustrated, angry, happy, giddy, dizzy and so on ( I can mention plethora emotions here… but never mind!!!). Arranged Marriage trend is also something which is (surprisingly) very successful in India… and that’s how I also formed a marital bond with a person I barely knew for 3 months. Here I am talking to him on the phone… exchanging emails and ofcourse photographs…having a good laugh every now and then… and after a few days he was their infront me… for a lunch date. Yet, after the meeting I felt a bit giddy… but at that time I thought maybe I am thinking too much. He is just another guy who has come to meet me for marriage purpose and there are many prospective brides for him (afterall he was working in the U.S. for the past couple of years and was planning to settle down there). SETTLED IN THE U.S. was a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG “NO…NO” for me. I was never interested in settling down outside India…and here I was considering a marriage proposal of a guy working in U.S. It wasn’t appealing… but then “M” was not the sort of guys I met before. Plainly speaking he was just different… and the best quality about him was that he wasn’t pretentious about anything. Our conversations never had any awkward pauses…you know a brink point in conversation where you feel you’ve ran out of ideas or topics to discuss. We always use to talk like we know what we want to share with each other. I still sometimes wonder about that…but then a good conversation has always been an appealing factor to me.
So the conversation and meeting led to a second meeting with “M” and his family and my family and it was all fixed. Within a span of 5 hours I was engaged to “M”… call it whirlwind romance if you want to, but that ‘s how it all started. We met a couple of times after the engagement before M was suppose to go back to his hometown and from their to States. Rest of the months (I wont say flew by…) somehow just passed on. I resigned from my job; said goodbye to my “rosy” career… got married and came to U.S. It somehow sounds like a fairytale…but then I haven’t known any girl who does not desire a fairytale wedding. Deep down I did… and this romance of mine with “M” is going pretty well… (its been 9 blissful months of marriage and still going strong).
Every person wants to be “so much in love” with his or her boyfriends/girlfriends, lovers, husbands/wives…but no one has been able to exactly define that emotion. Someone wise once said…. “Love is an emotion that you have to experience yourself before you tell others to understand it”… This emotion is still indescribable to me…but all the new and fascinating experiences that I am having with “M”, I cannot thank him enough for that. And everyday my belief in the existence of love becomes stronger.
I don’t know what surprises god has in stored for both of us. But we pledged before god that we are in this together and we will take everyday as it comes “together”. That’s a promise!!!