Fall in love in Seven Days


We have all heard of love at first sight, but can you really give a time limit to falling in love. Do you think you can fall in love in Seven Days? This Boys Love/ Shounen ai collaboration manga by Takarai Rihito (art) and Tachibana Venio (story) talks about this kind of story line where two extremely popular boys and story’s protagonists fall for each other in a span of seven days.


sevendays_yuzuruThird year high school student, Shino Yuzuru, is a boy with a beautiful face and has an amazing archery talent, but unfortunately his personality sucks. He is too laid back, and too blunt for his own good. His straightforward opinions even make his friends wary of him. As soon as his true personality surfaces, he is dumped by the girl he is going out with, that too in a matter of days.

84445_originalSeryou Touji, Shino’s kouhai is in the archery club as well and is a well-known ladies’ man, or so the rumor goes. The rumor circulating about him in school is that he will go out with the first person who asks him out on a Monday, but will promptly dump that very person on a Sunday. Despite this weekly dating/dumping ritual, Seryou’s popularity with girls never dies down. In fact, more and more girls become interested for a chance to have their dream date week with him. Reason being that for those seven days Seryou remains completely loyal and doting towards his partner, making them feel extremely special and wanted.

After hearing about the rumor, curious Shino nonchalantly asks Seryou out on a Monday. What Shino started as a joke, was a very serious undertaking of a relationship of seven days for Seryou. How will these two boys with very different personalities come together in a relationship is what this story is all about.

BL Drama CD

Seven days is a short and heart warming story, with a lovely touch of slice-of-life events. It is the way the story starts and then moves along each passing day that you as a reader/listener see varied shades of two people, who are just seeking to be with someone who understands them for who they are. What is awesome about the story is that besides having shounen-ai elements and a story span of a week the feelings growth between the characters is well built.  The storytelling blends with the emotional aspect of two individuals who are different yet so alike. Takarai Rihito sensei never fails in storytelling and this story will also tingle your heartstrings.

42175The two awesome and famously known names of the seiyuu world Fukuyama Jun (Shino) and Nakamura Yuichi (Seryou) have voiced the roles of the d6b9febc4bcdf530462799610dbfffde-voice-actor-actorstwo protagonists. Junjun has worked in other Drama CDs as well, but Seven Days in my opinion turns out be his best work. He brings out the charismatic and nonchalant personality of Shino remarkably well. On the other hand, Nakamura Yuuichi has proven himself once again that when it comes to soft hearted, shy characters, his voice acting will make you go weak in the knees and melt your hearts. Yuu san voiced the character of the sensitive and shy Seryou brilliantly, especially the part where he literally struggles with his feelings for Shino and how difficult it becomes for him to hide them, from the oh-so dense Shino.

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

All in all I would give a ***** star to both the Manga and the BLCD. The drama cd is on-point in unfolding a beautiful school-life romance. Give it a listen, especially if you are still testing the waters of BL romance and Yaoi and Shounen-ai genre.

P.S. There is a live action adaptation of the manga as well, if you interested in watching another beautiful version of this adorable love story ^.^