Ohio gosimus…!!! (guess I spelled it correctly…I mean after all that is how you greet in Japanese…) 

hmmmm… I was dodging the idea of writing this blog for quiet some time now. I mean who doesn’t like to be associated with romance and I can call myself a romantic person… but let’s take a moment here and think…isn’t romanticism as a quality a bit exaggerated… We see the shades of this quality almost everywhere… be it movies, novels, soap operas, songs, dance, travel and entertainment. Even serious issues of Law and Politics are not untouched by this word. But I’ll get into the romantic exaggeration of the serious portions a little later. 

For now let’s touch upon something nice to look at. Recently, I have gotten “fixated” towards the bishies *wink* alias Bishonen. WHO ARE THEY? Actually it’s a Japanese term whose literal meaning is “a beautiful boy or a beautiful youth”. Why the Bishies? (short term usage) I am a sucker for anime… Oh no!!! I am not an animator…I just love watching anime:).

Disney is and will always be my fave animation creator but somehow these Japanese anime are taking over my interest these days (well…ahem!!! It has fascinated for a few years now). Not getting into the details of how my actual anime craze started, let’s focus on the romance part in these animations that caught my interest in the first place *wink* .We can always relate music with romance and the anime that I am going to talk about right now is about a romantic musical…anime ishtyle. The anime name is La Corda d’Oro. he keyword here is “Violin romance” and its a story of a girl, the main protagonist – Hino Kahoko who is a general ED student of quiet a prestigious “Sieso Academy“, a school fore mostly known for its music department. It all starts when Hino tricked (emotionally blackmailed) by a fairy called “Lili” (a Thumbalina size he-male with wings and blond hair) into a music competition known as the “Concurs“. Now Hino not only lacks confidence, she’s also not cut out to be a musician (a fact she knows very well…) even if she’s got a magic violin and an adamant he-male fairy for help (talk about having a bad day). So this girl Hino ends up being a part of a “tough as nails” music competition (point to be noted -its a Western classical music competition, where the best music students of the school are going to compete on one stage). Huh!!! Guess we got the picture…that how a typical romance story is going to progress. Right!!! WRONG… here’s the twist or should I say eye candy ;)… the Bishies…all of them. Hino is surrounded by the most good looking Bishies one can ever imagine 😉 and somehow they are all interested in her (almost). Besides the Bishies factor, you will encounter some of the best played classical music compositions… (I know there are some of them I have never heard.)

Then there is a beautiful combination of colors…(even with bad hair color) its amazing. The dubbing isn’t half bad and yes the romantic atmosphere is always there to keep your interest from dithering away. Whether the girl ends with any of the Bishies… well for that watch this anime and find out for yourself… Maybe you’ll find some of the exaggerations that I have wrote in this first write-up of my blog are not exaggerated after all (You can always check the links in this blog for more info). Until I encounter the next exaggerated moment…. Sayonara and enjoy some lovely music from this anime:

P.S. I will ramble on the characters and the second season of this anime and some other cool bishie animes in my upcoming posts…